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    Now entering   PHILVILLE






​​Plan ahead,  

September 8th, 9, and 10th, 2017,

The 21st Anniversary of the:

Concours d'Elegance at Radnor Hunt 




I would like this site to be one to which you will return often to find unusual cars that will be of interest both to you, and to your friends.  

As many of you know, I have been heavily involved in the world of Ferrari for 50 years.

Although I am still a Ferrari enthusiast and probably will always be so, there are so many others, they are all cars that we know, love and love to drive. 

I will try to continue to seek out the unusual, and the exotic, but most of all, the affordable, cars that you can actually drive and enjoy with out losing too much sleep.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any question about any unusual car that you may have an interest in, or, that you may know of that is on the market. 

On the inventory page you will find a listing of cars I am offering , many are being offered on behalf of the titled owners, most of whom are my long term clients and friends.

But First; 

Here are the answers to some FAQ's that I would like to share.

1) No, I do not own them.

2) I am offering them because that is what I do.

3) I do not know why they (the owners) choose to part with their cars,       only that which they tell me.     

4) They are cars, and cars are rarely perfect.

5) All prices and conditions are subject to the whims of the owner, 

    please, don't be bashful, go ahead, ask, make an offer.

6) I have not ascended to a state of perfection. I offer used cars, 

    I also offer dreams.

7) "Philville" is a state of mind.  You will not find it on a map. Not all     are invited. Appointments are optional (my option). Sanity is not         necessarily required.

8) I know that all cars are not for all people but some times they do         create a foundation for mutually beneficial conversation between         enthusiasts.

    I enjoy what I do,

    I take pleasure in talking with fellow enthusiasts,

    so please, do not disillusion me.   

​9) Yes, I did fail grammer in the 6th grade, and yes my spelling is at         times unusual.

10) And finally, yes, I do hope you will share this sites with others of

      similar automotive interests .

            When all else fails, I return to my mantra

  "I have done so much for so long with so little that now 

             I think I can do anything with nothing."  

    As always;


    Philip A. Tegtmeier